Visual Leap: A Step-by-Step Guide to Visual Learning for Teachers and Students

This book contains theory, practice, and a Step-by-Step method to teach diverse learners to become independent thinkers.

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Praise for Visual Leap

“Teacher and educational speaker Berg offers convincing evidence that the visual learning strategy of webbing is a useful pedagogical tool. Drawing upon his own struggles in school, Berg contends that visual learning is the best way to tap into the needs of both hemispheres of the brain so that substantial learning can happen.”
Library Journal

“Visual Leap is truly brilliant! Jesse’s innovative BOWL and LADLE technique to make SOUP, his ingenious Summary Man, and all of his practical strategies for visual inquiry and transformative note-taking, make the book irresistible.”
Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D. , author of Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner, and director, Gifted Development Center

“Visual Leap strategies can be a staple for any classroom teacher to help students learn to make connections and think critically. Jesse recently presented in my district and there were many aha moments as teachers saw how simple it could be to differentiate instruction and meet the challenges of the Common Core.”
Michael Coppotelli, Associate Superintendent of Schools, Archdiocese of New York

“Jesse Berg’s book is a valuable addition to the much-needed topic of how to teach visual learners. It is excellently written and replete with great ideas and practical methods for teachers to use in class.”
Jeffrey Freed, M.A.T., author of Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World: Unlocking the Potential of Your ADD Child

“These visual learning strategies are a genuinely revolutionary step forward for writing and thinking skills across the academic spectrum. I know this from personal experience because these methods helped me unsnarl a difficult paper I was working on. Now I use the mapping techniques Jesse Berg presents in Visual Leap to plan many of my lectures and articles.”
Michael Weingrad, PhD, Professor, Portland State University

“I’ve always had a hard time learning new things and concepts. But with mind mapping, and other techniques that I learned in the Visual Leap workshop, I can express the information I receive in a way that is natural for me. I always felt that I was slower than the other kids, that I was dumb. Now I feel like I can go to college. Thank you for teaching me how to learn.”
Karim Keita, high school student

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